Professional Services

I possess a deep understanding of the issues in​volved. I believe in the collective approach so that we can work together towards common goals.

Adoption Service Provider (ASP)

  • Assisting with California Independent Adoptions 
  • Third Parent Adoptions
  • Covering the San Francisco Bay Area surrounding areas.
  • Additional Case Management Services Available
  • Birth Father Affidavits

Post Adoption Contact Relationships

Determining the type of contact between adoptive parents, the birth parents and the child is an essential foundation for creating a positive adoption. Being able to support a child's identity in a healthy manner is a life long task. Unfortunately, this important aspect of the open adoption process does not always receive the attention needed. 

When deciding on the degree of openness, each person brings to the table their own feelings, including hopes and fears. I can help:

  • Develop positive relationships pre and post-adoption between adopting parents and expectant/birth parents
  • Work with you to better understand open adoption, the benefits to the child's identity formation, and the range of different levels of contact
  • Create meaningful and practical Post Adoption Contact relationships
  • Support with challenges in post-adoption contact
  • Draft a Post Adoption Contact Agreement to be shared with your agency or attorney

Stepparent Adoptions

  • Investigation report for Family Court in California
  • Prepare an Affidavit of Birth Father
  • Support with talking to your child about stepparent adoption

For Attorneys

  • Adoption Service Provider (ASP) for the State of California

  • Expectant Parent Assessments
  • Expectant Parent Case Management Services
  • Birth Father Service and Notary
  • Post Adoption Contact Agreement development and mediation
  • Hospital Plan letters
  • Assisting with challenging cases