Nina Anderson, LCSW

Adoption Counseling and Consultation


I am still open and available by Telehealth during COVID 19 

Nina Anderson, LCSW offers Counseling, Education, and Consultation Services in the area of Family Formation, specializing in the area of Adoption. She provides counseling to pre-adoptive and adoptive parents, expectant/birth parents, and adoptees, covering an array of topics. She has expanded her practice to incorporate her expertise in the most current and effective methods of building Meaningful Post-Adoption Relationships and Search and Reunion SupportNina also works with clients in the area of Infertility, Assisted Reproductive Technology, and

 Surrogacy in the areas of counseling and consultation. 

Nina's services are one of many offered by Adopton Collective, LLC.

I strongly believe that a crucial ingredient to your adoption experience is individualized support, counseling, and education.